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Bodyweight Trainer

Bodyweight Training is the global 'next generation' of fitness.

Our Bodyweight Exercises are suitable for men and women, all age groups and fitness levels.

Five years running and first in South Africa.

Medicine BallTired of the mainstream gyms & bootcamps with all their ‘fitness & health’ hype, ridiculous pricing and at the end of the day… minimal results?

Bodyweight Trainer offers you an outdoor studio experience which is sheltered from the elements.

We are internationally qualified instructors that get results and take a genuine interest in your progress.

With a foundation in bodyweight training and movement, our programmes include kettlebells, clubbells, medicine balls, gymnastic rings, parallettes, suspension bars, plyo-boxes and most importantly, fun!

Simply put, with our short duration, high intensity strength training & metabolic conditioning, we’ll have you super fit, feeling and looking great, in the shortest possible time.

The physical attributes of fitness that we can help develop are:

We are able to create bespoke fitness programmes for any Bodyweight Trainer member which draw upon some, or all of the following methods:

Tripod ExtensionAlthough our preference is always upon own-bodyweight or partner training, we also have expertise in using many different pieces of fitness equipment. These include free weights, resistance elastics, medicine balls, kettlebells, clubbells, swiss balls, and poles. Plus all the many types of martial arts training equipment, of course.

A single session or entire programme of personal or small-group fitness training is available to all Bodyweight Trainer members.


We are certified Circular Strength Training™ and TACFIT™ Instructors.

These are the renowned health, fitness & peak performance systems developed by internationally accomplished coach & martial artist, Scott Sonnon.

TACFIT SABeing a leader and pioneer of fitness and health, Scott inspired the Bodyweight Trainer team to share his ancient eastern and modern western scientific approaches to extra-ordinary health and fitness.

Bodyweight Trainer offers you this finely distilled and highly effective system of physical and  mental performance & recovery training.

TACFIT is an official training program for

US Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)
US Customs and Border Protection Advanced Training Center
US Marshals Service Training Academy
US Army 3/160 Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR)

Better Prepared…

… than the challenges you will face? Act now and become a member of RMAX International TACFIT® Team - USA’s 1st tactical-specific physical preparedness system.

“Bigger, Faster, even Stronger is not Better. Better is Better. That is why We are First In and Last Standing.” - Scott Sonnon, RMAX International Faculty Director, TACFIT® Founder, USA Police Grappling (Sambo) Team Coach, Conditioning Advisor and Subject Matter Expert for security, fire, police and military personnel.


“Coach Sonnon is truly an original. As a pioneer in both the application of the newest sports science and as a connection and filter to the best techniques of the past, he has made an immeasurable contribution to our program of instruction here at the Army combatives school. By combining an intimate knowledge of biomechanically efficient movement, the physiological capabilities and weaknesses of the human body, and both fighting and fitness, he is helping to revolutionize the modern combatives world.” - Matt Larsen, NCOIC U.S. Army Combatives; Author: US Army FM3-21.150


“Scott Sonnon’s training technologies represent one of the most effective marriages of tactical efficacy and psycho-physiological efficiency that I have seen yet. With his unique program design and delivery methods, I see Scott Sonnon as one of the most important figures in the tactical training community.” - Mike Gillette, President of Threat Metrics, former Training Director of the National Law Enforcement and Security Institute, former Field Training Officer, Tactical Team Commander, and Chief of Police

What is the Mission of the RMAX TACFIT® Team?

RMAX International holds a two-fold mission: to promote tactical conditioning and integrated physical and morale training to professionals on a global scale, and to support our members in targeting the general and specific needs assessment of their team, company or unit. Our vision – “Surpassing ouRMAXimum Potential Together” – provides tactical conditioning specialists with a professionally tested and trusted, cutting-edge scientific resource to meet the needs of those who have the courage to move toward danger so that others may move out of harm’s way.

Core Values

  • Team-Oriented: We provide support for our members to both facilitate individual growth and foster group cohesion of our teams.
  • Global-Focused: We extend into most countries worldwide, and provides in-house as well as support abroad where our members need it most.
  • Integrity-Based: We concentrate on only the most expedient, effective and efficient.
  • Evolutionary: We remain up-to-date and on the bleeding edge of specific tactical conditioning solutions.
  • Integrative: Not a patchwork of parts, we are a synergistic unity of all of our research and development in the field of tactical conditioning science.
  • Adaptive and Improvisational: We use retro-tech solutions to hi-tech discoveries and remain free to use whatever resources we have at our members’ disposal to accomplish the task-at-hand.

Beach Training

The Circular Strength Training® (CST) System

CST is the “flagship” professional certification course at RMAX International, a 20+ hour training examination conducted throughout the 3-day Instructor Certification Seminar. CST was pioneered by Scott Sonnon, and continues to build on his insights to evolve an ever more refined, coherent, cohesive and comprehensive approach to becoming a movement specialist. CST has rapidly emerged as a leader among the premier training modalities in the health / fitness and strength / conditioning arenas.

CST uses a total “vocabulary” of joint mobility drills to ship nutrition, lubrication and shock absorption to the active joints for optimal efficiency, rapid recovery, and pain and injury prevention. Unlike pathologically-based mobilization methods which are based upon a “trauma lens” of movement, CST is based upon developmental neurophysiology for the organization of joint mobility drill sequencing called Intu-Flow® (”intuitive flow”).
CST uses the “toolbox” of body-weight movements (from yoga to martial arts) in order to “clean the slate” of the over-specializations (compensations) which result from life, injury, attitude and each and every successful exercise/skill performed in a prior cycle. Named Prasara Flow Yoga, thisCompensatory Movement™ Technique unloads the functional opposite of any repeated movement in order to preserve benefits and prevent drawbacks.
CST involves more than mere compression to stimulate adaptation in progressive resistance. Clubbell® swinging - the oldest fitness tool and the first martial art in ancient Russia, Persia and India – combines traction to strengthen not just muscle but also connective tissue protecting the joints while building strength. In addition, since the Clubbell is swung, torque allows force production to increase exponentially rather than arithmetically; instead of adding plates (conventional resistance training), the displaced center of mass swung twice as fast produces four times the force.

Martial Arts

The SA Kung-Fu Federation teaches three Martial Arts systems for self defence, personal growth and longevity:

Wing Tsun Kung-Fu, Escrima Weapons Concepts and Chi-Kung.


Wing Tsun is the unarmed component of dealing with physical combat.

Escrima is the armed component, which deals with percussive weapons (sticks, kobutan, etc), cutting weapons (knives, machetes, etc) and armed vs unarmed scenarios.martialarts_escrima_ec_logo

Chi-Kung, translated from Chinese, means breath-work. By syncronising breathing, movement and body structure, Chi-Kung (also known as Qi-Gong) seeks to unlock the body’s innate ability to move freely, restoring energy and health whilst releasing stresses, tension and dis-ease.

If you’re considering coming to train & study proper martial arts with the UKKFF & SAKFF, why not first see if you agree with our way of thinking, and the approach we take towards understanding the realities of violence?

Our martial ethos explains the thinking behind our choice of martial disciplines, where our focus is at during training, and why we do what we do.

In a nutshell, our martial ethos can be summed up in the following statements:

  1. Learn from the past, look towards the future.
  2. Keep everything as simple as possible, but no simpler.
  3. Ensure everything is relevant to the present.
  4. Ensure everything is correct, and everything works.

Click each of the above links to look deeper into the thinking behind each statement.

Eating & Recovery

Eating naturally is easy when you know how. Get our easily implemented eating and lifestyle planning guidance and support for healthy, energetic living.

Recover from Stress (physical & mental) with our daily restoration programmes.

28 Days PrimalThe information contained within will do wonders for your health now and as long as you walk this planet.

I live my life based on these principles and adhere with 80/20 practice. Eighty percent I do the right way and 20 percent, I’m pretty lenient.

That said, when I have a goal in mind, I’m 100% focused on the task at hand. ;-)

The link below sends you to the free book download page. I have also attached our interpretation of eating healthy, an easy to follow method that we’ve seen exceptional results with.

www.primaleatinggift.com - Scott Sonnon’s latest book on Paleo Nutrition



Feel free to ask questions and if you’d like to book a free consult (after reading the book!), please do so by all means.
In addition, please share the info with anyone who may be interested. No strings, it is not a diet, it is how we fuel ourselves for what we do and to maintain health, vitality and longevity.

Trust me, this works.

All you need is to find the balance around these guidelines that works for you.

The journey is simple, enjoyable and most of all, worth it!!!



The below link is definitely worth a read if you suffer any daily aches and pains, check this out!

Recuper8, a FREE recovery & restoration programme from Scott Sonnon:


It is a sad fact that most athletes, tactical ops personnel (Police, Field Medical, Firemen, Military, etc) and especially, our public are in a continual state of enduring strain and/or non-recovered stress. 

Beside mental and emotional strain, suffering and the host of negative mindset states that accompany this poor and largely unrecognised state of health, it progresses on a physical level from daily aches and pains to injury and eventually, illness. 

The solution is simple. It requires information, a plan and of course, the courage to take that first step toward an integrated and balanced lifestyle of health, vitality and the ability to achieve all life’s goals. 


- your body at low intensity at least three to four times a week (walking, mobility, Yoga, Stretching  etc),moderate intensity (weighted or bodyweight strength training) twice a week and high intensity once a week (hard and fast as possible, circuits, sprints, etc).


- from your daily stressors, mental and physical (mobility, massage, body stress release, Tai Chi, relaxation, meditation, laughter, sleep, etc)


- whole, real foods that sustain, energise and heal you

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TACFIT South Africa Challenge – November 2014

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